To ensure that the Center adheres to its mission of advancing, developing, and implementing additive manufacturing (AM) technology within the industrial base in an effective manner, CIMP-3D is guided by an Advisory Board representing industry, government, and academia. In most instances, members of the Advisory Board represent organizations that are also Center Associates. The objective of the Advisory Board is to provide immediate feedback and input to the Center's Co-Directors related to the Center's mission.

A meeting of the Advisory Board is convened once a year but the Board also participates in quarterly teleconferences concerning specific topics. Topics that are discussed during the quarterly teleconferences are varied but typically will be related to issues regarding Center activities and status, new AM technology, and/or opportunities for developing further collaboration. A schedule and agenda for the quarterly teleconferences are provided to the Advisory Board at least four-weeks in advance.

A meeting of the Advisory Board occurs once annually and is usually conducted in conjunction with other Center activities, such as workshops or national conferences. The objective of the annual meeting of the Advisory Board is to ensure that the mission for the Center is being met, and hence, begins with an annual review of the Center's activities presented to the board by the Center's Co-Directors. This review includes administrative, management, and technology topics relevant to the Center's mission and future growth. The Advisory Board is encouraged to provide comments and advice regarding the annual review. The board may also be asked to provide an opinion in the form of a board consensus on specific topics related to the Center's operation, potential new AM technologies of interest, and strategic initiatives. Board consensus is determined by balloting after a short discussion of the topic with a majority vote being used to approve the consensus. A schedule and agenda for the annual meeting, as well as topics for potential board consensus for balloting, are provided to the Advisory Board at least six-weeks in advance of the annual meeting.

Current Advisory Board Members Are Listed Below:

Name Organization Role
Dr. Thomas Donnellan ARL Penn State Operations
Dr. Richard Grylls Optomec Inc. Systems Technology
Dr. Jyoti Mazumder University of Michigan and POM Group Systems Technology
Mr. Brian McTiernan ATI Powder Metals Materials
Dr. Steve Reichman TIMET Corporation Materials
Mr. Timothy Armstrong Carpenter Technologies Materials
Dr. John Siemons Alcoa Materials
Mr. Paul Prichard Kennametal Materials and Applications
Ms. Agnes Klucha Pratt & Whitney Applications
Dr. Todd Rockstroh GE Aviation Applications
Mr. Brian Rosenberger Lockheed Martin Applications
Mr. Blake Slaughter Boeing Research & Technology Applications
Mr. Robert Cohen Pipeline Orthopedics Applications
Dr. Thomas Congedo Westinghouse Applications
Mr. Walter Roy DARPA Government
Mr. Eric Brown Army’s ARDEC/Benet Labs Government
Dr. William Frazier Naval Air Systems Command Government
Dr. John Russel Air Force Research Laboratory Government