DMP Factory 500 3D Systems

This system boasts a build envelop of 500 x 500 x 500 mm operating in the lowest possible oxygen content. The system has a fully sealed powder management system for depowdering and to maintain continuous environment from building to part storage to powder recycling. This system comes with an integrating DMP Monitoring suite, and is being retrofitted with advanced process monitoring sensors develop by ARL Penn State for other equipment.

DMP Factory 500

ProX 320 3D Systems

One of our newest systems on site provides production-grade manufacturing with cutting-edge control in processing conditions. This 'next generation' powder bed fusion system utilizes a build volume of 27.5 cm in length, 27.5 cm in width, and 42 cm in height. The ProX 320 utilizes interchangeable build modules to reduce pre- and post-production time. The ProX 320 has vastly expanded CIMP-3D's powder bed fusion capacity.

ProX 320

ProX 200 3D Systems

Capable of high-quality surface finish with layer sizes as small as 5 microns. This machine utilizes a compacting roller recoater process and can produce fully dense metal parts. Open software control allows the users to fully define all key manufacturing parameters and track production data. With a build envelope of 14 cm in length, 14 cm in width, and 10 cm in height, the ProX 200 is more suited for medium size builds.

ProX 200

EOSINT M 280 EOS Corporation

A high definition additive manufacturing system based on a scanning laser with powder bed technology that is capable of full consolidation of metallic powder and high feature quality. The work envelope is 28 cm in length, 28 cm in width, and 28 cm in height. The advantages of the powder bed system is the ability to achieve net or very near-net shape surface quality, and since the powder bed may provide support of projections, this system is capable of complex geometries having full three dimensionality.