Shipyard Additive Manufacturing Summit - SAMS

May 1-2, 2019

On Wednesday, May 1, through Friday, May 3, the Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State hosted a Shipyard Additive Manufacturing Summit (SAMS) in State College, Pennsylvania. SAMS was sponsored by Navy ManTech through the Institute for Manufacturing and Sustainment Technologies (IMAST). More than 100 stakeholders and decision makers came together to help accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing in the shipyard production and maintenance communities.

Sams 2019 agenda p1
Sams 2019 agenda p2


Wednesday, May 1st

Pdf Introductions - Dr. Mark Traband, ARL/PSU
Pdf Enterprise View of Navy AM - Capt. Jason Bridges, U.S. Navy
Pdf Qualification of Metals and Other Materials - Dr. Justin Rettaliata, U.S. Navy - AM TWH
Pdf Science and Technology - Mr. John Carney, U.S. Navy - ONR
Pdf Data Management - Dr. Bill Fraizer, U.S. Navy - NAVAIR (Ret.)
Pdf Activities/Applications in Foreign Shipyards - Dr. Mohsen Mohammadi, Marine Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (MAMCE)
Pdf Allied Industries Activities - Heavy Equipment - Mr. Thierry Machione, Caterpillar
Pdf Future Equipment Development - PBFAM Vendor - Mr. Neal Orringer, 3D Systems
Pdf Future Equipment Development - DEDAM Vendor - Mr. Mark Schaub, Lincoln Electric / Wolf Robotics

Thursday, May 2nd

Pdf Technology - Process Monitoring and Control - Dr. Brandon Lane, NIST
Pdf Technology - Materials / Properties - Dr. Dick Fonda, U.S. Navy - ONR
Pdf Technology - Post-Processing - Prof, Ed DeMeter, PSU
Pdf Technology - Corrosion - Prof. Todd Palmer, PSU
Pdf Technology - Cold Spray - Dr. Tim Eden, ARL/PSU
Pdf Technology - NDE for AM - Mr. Griffin Jones, ARL/PSU

Friday, May 3rd

Pdf Education and Workforce Development for AM - Mr. Josh Cramer, America Makes