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Supporting Systems

Supporting Systems

After printing is complete, CIMP-3D dedicated supporting systems help ensure that all builds are of the highest quality.

This includes CT scanning equipment to help inspect every inch of a final part, materials characterization and testing to understand the final properties of a build, and post-processing equipment to help ensure that all final parts are built exactly to specification.

Inspection Systems

Computed Tomography

Industrial x-ray Computed Tomography (CT) is a non-destructive examination (NDE) technique that has been growing in application over the past several years. During a CT scan, several hundred to perhaps a few thousand radiographic images of the specimen are captured as it rotates through a designated arc, often through a full 360°. The “computed” part of computed tomography involves reconstructing those images into a three-dimensional volume that can then be interrogated in any direction, one slice—or tomograph—at a time. With the advent of micro-focus x-ray sources, those slices can now routinely be on the scale of tens of microns or less, depending on the specimen size. The advantage CT offers is its ability to provide densitometric (material and dimensional) information simultaneously regarding both internal and external features of a specimen, even if those features are on complex scales; such as is possible with additive manufacturing methods.

Nearly every part produced at CIMP-3D undergoes CT in order to ensure build quality and identify potential defects.

phoenix v|tome|x m 300


This CT system features a dual-tube setup, possessing both 300 kV and 180 kV microfocus x-ray tubes for penetrating our additively manufactured metal parts.

The system is well-suited for the small to medium-sized parts that the majority of contemporary additive systems are capable of manufacturing, possessing a 16” flat panel digital detector array (DDA) and a rotary stage rated for specimens weighing up to 110 pounds. Specimens of up to approximately 12” in diameter and 16” tall can be scanned in a single acquisition; specimens of up to 20” in diameter and 24” tall can be accommodated by the chamber, but may require more than one scan acquisition to capture the region(s) of interest.

Analysis of the reconstructed data sets is performed with Volume Graphics VGStudio Max software, allowing not only for visual review of slices to inspect for discontinuities such as voids or inclusions, but also for advanced analysis with defect detection, nominal/actual surface comparison, wall thickness, composite fiber orientation and GD&T modules.

Metrology Devices

Edge ScanArm HD


This portable 7 axis metrology arm has a 6 foot measuring volume with an attached high-definition blue laser line probe.

The Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) probe allows for extremely accurate contact measurements of our additively manufactured parts. The CMM probe also helps align our as-printed parts to CAD which enables us to determine how well a part was built. The blue laser line probe gives us the ability to capture point cloud data of entire surfaces from highly complex, reflective, and organic structures.

Testing and Characterization Equipment

MIRA3 XMU Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)


Quantax Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)


Additive Manufacturing Particle Analysis System (AMPAS)

RJ Lee

This system has been custom configured by RJ Lee Group and includes IntelliSEM software for fully automated characterization of additive manufacturing powder feedstock.

The system is capable of automatically and rapidly assessing the particle size distribution, shape factors, composition variation, shape distribution vs size and contaminant identification of AM (or other) powders. It features an XMU (extra-large chamber), field-emission source, variable pressure SEM with secondary and backscattered electron detectors, LVSTD secondary detector for low-vacuum operation, active vibration isolation system and a BRUKER Quantax Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) system incorporating a 60 mm2 Silicon Drift Detector (SDD).

Post Processing Equipment



Abrasive Flow Machine

Abrasive, grit filled putty, anchored parts

CoolPulse 1000


Electro-Chemical Machining Machine

Energy supplied by electrical field between tool and workpiece, material removed by anodic dissolution.


Walther Trowal

Multi-vibe Vibratory Bowl Machine

Rigid, abrasive media flows past anchored parts fixed on bowl bottom


Walther Trowal

Centrifugal Disk Finishing Machine

Rigid, abrasive media, free-tumbling motion of media and parts