UPCOMING: 2024 Practicum on Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Materials

Pulsed Laser Processing System

Capability Details

  • Manufacturer: ARL-Integrated Equipment
  • System Type: IPG Photonics 1 kW, ns-pulsed fiber laser
    SCANNER: Scanlab intelliWELD 3D scanner
    ROBOT: ABB 6-axis robotic arm
  • Description: ARL’s Pulsed Laser Processing System was developed to optimize coatings removal processes in ship construction. It’s custom controller can execute multi-parameter ablation sequences within a single manufacturing pass to, e.g., ablate tough coatings with relatively intense parameters, which are then (and ~simultaneously) overlaid with other parameters to effect the surface quality.

    The same Pulsed Laser Processing System, outfitted with a custom micro-wire feeder, is being used for additive processing (welding) with aluminum.